Industrial hoses, hose couplings,valves and fittings


New manager

Julius Hüttemann, son of Lutz Hüttemann, joins the management.

VTH Certificate

Our competence and our expertise in the field of hoses make us an excellent consultant for the right selection of hoses and fittings for every application.

COBIPARTS goes online

The new online shop allowes fast and easy ordering of all products


On the 01th of January our own
childcare was opened.
HÜCOBI is the first company in Bielefeld, which ensures an in-house child care. Up to five children spend funny time supervised by a professional childminder, while the mother or the father works in the room nextdoor.

COBILAND is a long-term project with the goal to encourage our young employees to start a family.

More information

HÜCOBI continues to grow

is a dynamic company that always looks for new opportunities and challenges. On the beginning of the year HÜCOBI therefore made a new step abroad. After the successful entry into the Dutch market, HÜCOBI Austria GmbH was established.

Inauguration of the new warehouse

End of October the new warehouse has been officially inaugurated, which extended our overall storage area on a total of 15,000 m2. And this space is used well for over 10,000 permanently available items.


HÜCOBI Luftbild

ISO Certification

HÜCOBI is certified according to the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008. The ISO 9001 standard is a nationally and internationally recognized quality management standard. Due to standarized and clear processes and responsibilities, a quality management system (QM system) is an important tool for modern company, which has to face ever changing market conditions and client requirements everyday.

ISO 9001

Establishment of HUCOBI Benelux B.V. in the Netherlands

In Holland
HUCOBI Benelux B.V. was founded
. Thanks to this subsidiary our market presence increased and our numerous customers in the Benelux countries got direct support and customer care.



Establishment of the HÜCOBI Endowment Fund

In memory of senior Joachim Hüttemann the HÜCOBI Endowment Fund was established. Its main goal is to challenge and promote children and young people from migrant families, low-income earners families or socially disadvantaged families with different projects.

„It is a great feeling to know, that with our endowment fund we can help there, were a specific help is needed.
It is great to experience the success of our projects and be a part of it!"

- Katharina and Lutz Hüttemann -

New premises in Bielefeld Olderntrup

This new and modern premises in Bielefeld Oldentrup offers at the time of the move a storage area of over 5,000 m2. Today we are still situated there.


HÜCOBI Luftbild

The first step abroad

On the 01th of
July, the first foreign cooperation with Gro-Tec ApS Denmark has been started. This is the first step to internationalization of the company.

In the same year the brand COBI was born

The brand COBI meets the highest requirements on quality, flexibility and reliability of its products. The range includes various hoses, fittings, clamps, couplings or even entire systems, such as System Perrot.

Change of company name in HÜCOBI GmbH

Since the 01th of January 1994 the
company trades as HÜCOBI GmbH. HÜCOBI is a fresh and modern name for a dynamic company.

This is the first official logo:


Movement on the management level

In November 1993 Lutz Hüttemann takes over ther management of M. Hüttemann GmbH & Co. KG.

New premises in Bielefeld

More storage space is needed because of the expansion of trade on metals and other chemical and technical products. 


"The company is bursting at the seams!" - Said the CEO.


Therefore, the company moved to new premises in Bielefeld Senne and acquired the status of a wholesale company.

Times of growth

In the seventies, the product range is extended considerably. The company is a specialist for fittings for water, wastewater, steam and gas. In addition to the standard products special custom-made products are offered.

For the first time the term HÜCOBI is used. The name stands for ttemann & Co. Bielefeld.


New manager

After the death of the founder, son Joachim Hüttemann takes over the management of the company.

Change of name and a new logo

The young and fast growing company gets a new name
: M. Hüttemann & Co. KG.



Establishment of the company

Albert Hüttemann founds "Albert Huettemann Bielefeld". The company trades with fittings for steam, gas and water.

Albert Hüttemann

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