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HÜCOBI Endowment Fund

Act with social responsibility - that's the motto of the HÜCOBI Endowment Fund. In cooperation with the Bielefeld Community Foundation our fund cares for disadvantaged children from Bielefeld and the surrounding area. read more


Every child has the right to have a life full of joy, education possibilities and self-fulfilment. Its social background is not important. Since its establishment in 2006 our fund pursues one important goal: to challenge and promote children and young people from migrant families, low-income earners families or socially disadvantaged families with different projects. One such project is "Art is great." 

The goal of "Art is great" from 2008 to 2014 was to inspire children's interest for art. Under professional supervision of the artist and together with their teacher children worked on different art projects such us sculptures, wall paintings, musicals or theaters. Those projects usually took 6 weeks. Due to the children were encouraged to explore their creativity and artistic expression and to develop their own ideas and skills. Art is culture for every child - regardless of social class or nationality. She gives plenty of possibilities for many activities, individual design and various forms of expression. In a playful exploration of music, dance, theater and visual arts children learn how to develop an idea and work on it in a team. This strengthens in their social skills.

In terms of integration and tolerance HÜCOBI Endowment Fund has also implemented other projects. "No child without school lunch" first started in 2010. Thanks to cooperation with the Bielefeld Community Foundation cafeterias in 10 primary schools get a significant financial support. This allowed children from low-income earners families to get school lunch and spend the lunch-break with their school-friends and not separately. This is an effective instrument for counteracting and preventing bullying among children. Another initiative was the START scholarship. The scholarship program START offers committed young people with immigrant background the opportunity to higher education and thus better chance for a successful integration and participation in society. The HÜCOBI Endowment Fund, as one of the partners has taken over in 2011 a 3-year partnership for one very talented student and offered a financial support and personal guidance while the last years of the high school.

The commitment of the HÜCOBI Endowment Fund will always bear new fruit, because we appreciate every little smile on faces of children.

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