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As a company managed in the third generation by the Hüttemann Family, we place a very high value on the long-term stability of our business. Any strategic decision is made with a view to environmental, economic and social effects.

The issue of sustainability is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Thanks to our targeted measures we always promote sustainability in everyday business. We divide our measures into three sectors: ecological, economic and social aspects.

Ecologycally responsible aktion

Act ecologically and draw more economic benefits, is the motto of the project "Eco Profit" Bielefeld. First time we won this award in 2012. HÜCOBIs numerous measures were distinguished for the resource protection and environmental management:

Energy savings
It is so easy to save a lot of energy. Thanks to well-known and easy measures the energy consumption can be considerably lowered. We have assembled at the entire premises energy saving lamps, installed timers for lighting, fitted all windows with special thermal protector, introduced thermostats for radiators, replaced all PC monitors with modern and energy-saving LED monitors and these are just a few examples. Thus we reduced our energy usage by almost 17%!
Environmentally friendly packaging material
As a filler we have often used foil or high-quality strength paper, of which we now take distance and only use 100% recyclable material.
Reduction of waste amount
We always make sure that we use reusable packaging for our deliveries. As a result, significant cost savings can be generated and waste amount reduced. Residual waste is separately collected and recycled professionally.
Paperless Work
We are continuously working to enable virtually paperless operations. Therefore we intensely invest in IT-solutions that bring us closer to our target.


Economic action

HÜCOBIs goal is to ensure the long-term business success and to improve our growth. Therefore we have created the following actions:

Quality Products
We always ensure the high quality of our products. Thanks to continuous controls by our product management department and certificates of our suppliers, we can always offer the promised high quality.
We act according to the quality management standard ISO 9001: 2008 to structure our operations and make them manageable thanks to implementation of certain standards. Our management is underlaid to a continuous improvement process, which leads to a high efficiency with minimal resources wear. See our certificate here

Choice of location
Our location since 2002 in the industrial area in Bielefeld offers many economic advantages. The direct access to the A2 motorway is one of them. The access routes for suppliers, shippers and own employees are minimized. This means efficiency and cost savings.


Social action

Every activity of our company has a direct or indirect impact on the social relationships of all stakeholders in our business environment. Therefore, we implement measurements that lead to the sustainable protection of human capital:

HÜCOBI Endowment Fund
Since 2006 our endowment fud cares for disadvantaged children from Bielefeld and its surroundings. In cooperation with the Bielefeld Community Foundation numerous projects have been implemented, which in particular give children from low-income families the opportunity for a fulfilling life full of joy, education and self-realizationMore information about all projecthere
The work-life-balance is an important issue for our employees. Our new internal day care center for children called COBILAND offers a half-day-care for children up to 3 years. Due to, parents can quicker reentrance after the parental time and have still direct nearness to their child. More information about the project here

Further education
We invest in our employees and offer a variety of training opportunities, such as seminars, expert training, courses and other higher education qualifications. Due to we want to give every employee the opportunity to discover their potential and improve their qualifications.

Sustainability declarations of our suppliers, sustainable resource use in production (Fair Trade) are very important. Also working conditions in their places of work have special significance for us, because inhumane conditions, such as Child labor will not be accepted.


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