Industrial hoses, hose couplings,valves and fittings



We are your specialist when it comes to hoses and fittings. We provide a full range of all type of hoses and suitable hose fittings for your individual applications. Moreover we offer all standard fittings made of materials like brass, PVC, PE and stainless steel. We complete our range with accessories for the workshop needs and cleaning technology. For specific requests from a particular area, such as agricultural technology, we have compiled our special product groups for you.

Hoses and clamps

Water hoses, sewer cleaning hoses, flat hoses, potable water hoses, rubber suction- and pressure hose, chemical hoses, oil hoses

Hose fittings

Tanker couplings, system Storz, system Perrot, system Camlok couplings, compressed air couplings, system Bauer

Brass fittings

Sleeve ball valves, mini ball valves, bibcock ball valves, flange ball valves, knife-gate valves, sleeve gate valves, non-retur valves

PVC-/PE fittings

PVC pipes, PVC fittings, clamp saddle, PVC ball valves, special cement and cleaner, PVC butterfly valve, PE pipes, PE fittings

Stainless steel fittings

Elbows, T-fittings, sockets, double nipples, plugs, caps, ball valves, flanges, screw connections, hose nozzles

Cleaning engineering

Sewer cleaning hoses, sewer cleaning nozzles, turn-off valves, pipe plugs, packers, air outlets, spray guns

Workshop supplies

Protetive gloves, thread sealing strip, thread seal fibre, hose protection cable, galvanizing spray, aluminium spray, nylon cable ties

Agricultural engineering

MZ flanges and blade gate valves, flanges, docking bell, suction quick couplers, suction pipes, manometers

Vacuum pumps

Jurop vacuum pumps, mufflers, jurop rotary pistion pumps, rotor blades, compressors